In a World...

We live in a world where football is important

Where balls getting deflated get a fifteen-minute news segment
And military personnel getting shot by Al-Qaeda or ISIS get five

We live in a world where people have "peaceful protest"
And they create millions of dollars in damage by vandalism

We live in a world where Kylie Jenner bought a new house
And hundreds of thousands of United States veterans are homeless

We live in a world where we fight for gun rights or gun control
And in a world where people fight cops
And when a cop pulls over a felon he is shot to death.

We live in a world where
Bruce Jenner is transgender
Lady Gaga performed in the Superbowl
Taylor and Tom broke up

We live in a world where
People are hungry
Terrorists are found in our own backyard
Cancer is beating us instead of us beating it

Jay Culter signed a contract for one hundred twenty-six point seven million dollars to play football
And Chris Kyle was paid around seventy-five thousand

A man went through Hell and back and was paid one hundred twenty-six million six hundred and twenty-five thousand less than a guy who can throw a football

We complain about life not being fair, but what's fair,
When people protest the cops
And the cops lose their jobs
And the very people protesting call the cops when their house is being broke into by a thug tougher than them.

We live in a world where football is important.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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