should I say, I have known these arms
or should I say, I've long known their faces
I don’t need an eternal litany
of hymns before I believe them.......


I’ve walked in the night-wind with its roar
carried dreams on the back on this darkling plain
I’ve been here long enough


I’ve been here long enough
yet, I never knew those supple eyes
had a maelstrom of unkind desires
hidden in their peeps and tweets


I never knew their embrace
have such cruelest spites,
the most unkind in the divinely design


the lips are no source of life either,
they birthed venoms spit death threats
conceived in the darkest shadow

in our search for pleasure
we never knew it will be a consort of pain
that erupts agonies even in a slumber


beneath the giant thighs of Madam Liberty
I stand confused about the road to the land of dreams……


They say, living fire can beget cold impotent ashes
you’ve become yesterday's hot fire
that begot today's cold ashes…….


Hmmm, wish we never met


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