Our god Is Green

Our god is green so things are never as they seem,Freedom rings but are we really free?People still being exploited like the Cree,In the land of history repeated,Was hatred every truly defeated? When Lincoln died, he believed us to be unified,Jim Crow lied and new rights were denied,Afraid of truth so we neglect to read,Spend billions on war despite hungry bellies to feed,Opiates turning brothers and sisters into fiends,“Obtain things”: that is our creed,That which makes our wants become needs,Mobilized by the Invisible Hand,Consumerism consumes this land,They say don’t bite the hand that feeds you, so we never ask “what would Jesus do?”Would he unify us as one crew or through division would he make two?We forget that we are all branches on the same tree, players on the same team,So look around and perform good deeds,We can still achieve Martin’s dream, Our god is green so things are never as they seem,Jealousy and envy put us in a frenzy for what’s trendy,Breeding vanity and narcissistic tendencies,Obsessed with being “real” yet clueless to what being real is,Does it make you “real” to treat others like shit or to call a woman a bitch?Does it make you “real” to call entire groups of people criminals without distinguishing which is which?Does it make you “real” to dehumanize others just to feel comfortable in your niche?Simmer down,Greed, pride, envy, fear,See the problem is that these attitudes were raised here,Tunnel vision so all we see is “shift 4” on the keyboard,This can be remedied of course,Go door to door,Meet your neighbors,Instead we put up walls to make us feel safe and secure from our insecurities,So we’ll happily explore Mars without solutions to cure our inner cities, Our god is green so things aren’t always as they seem,What’s a healthy planet when cash rules everything around me?The green god has sung his choral,Filled with backwards and twisted morals,Where it’s okay to profit at the expense of the voiceless and bleached coral,Only thinking about himself, the almighty green god can be described with four words:Afraid to move forward 



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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