Red, White, and Blue

Everyone preaches the great Red, White, and Blue.

We've been raised to.

But why do we praise Red, White, and Blue?

Why is it something we so mindlessly do?

Hands over our hearts, we pledge to one nation,

Yet one nation isn't true.

It can't be if that nation is as equal for me as it is for you.

Who cares about the politics,

When right now all that sticks,

In our minds is the appearance of the person next to us.

God bless the USA, the great Red, White, and Blue.

But that's not something he can do,

if we can't say screw it to our social policies,

And finally see the flaws in our lifestyles that are realities.

The great Red, White, and Blue

Isn't anything unless it is founded on me and you,

On equality and liberty,

Qualities we theoretically hold to be true.

And me and you isn't enough,

Me, you, and everyone,

Because life ain't fun when you're living on the street,

Got nothing to eat,

Nowhere to go,

So you sleep in the cold reality

That everyone's too greedy

 To give a damn about you.

They're too focused on the great Red, White, and Blue.

This poem is about: 
My country


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