We The People

We the People,who had a dream,and never told a lie.We who fought for what was right and waved our flag up high.Jolted from the embers of a trailblazer's fire and shot from the barrel of a musket.Shackled and chained and segregated we who rose above it.We who worked by lantern light and signed a paper with quill.Who never thought our work would amount to a three dollar happy meal.Let freedom ring,from the sound of a tazer, held in the hand of a cop.Let freedom ring from a disabled veteran, pushing a bucket and mop.One can hear it ringing in the cries of an anorexic girl.Who sees the models in magazines as the best things in the world.Let it ring from the steeple of a church who disdainfully looks upon gays.Let it ring from the man with a confederate flag who refuses to change his ways.While it rings in those people, let it ring in those who think they're above,Who think their feigned religious beliefs are a genuine sign of love.Let it ring in the chemicals cast into the sky, let it ring in an oil spill, let it ring in the hearts of those whose life is spent wanting to kill.Maybe it isin times like thesethat we must make the call. Of whether or not the freedom bell had ever rung at all. 

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