Sing a New Song

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 13:31 -- Dean_P

Sometimes, I get tired of white men on screens

I get tired of being told to care about what they believe

I get tired, of no one listening


My voice is loud

How do they so easily turn the dial down

So I become no more than some easily drowned out sound


Background noise to their children's lullabies

How can they sleep so soundly while the cries

Of my bones reach toward the heavenly skies


How do they walk all day without succumbing to the beat

Of our hands and our feet

As we slam into the ceiling they created


When will we stand as women and men

to reclaim our dignity


It will happen when the sun rises over a people

A people, not "the people", a singular people

When we decide to live and love and prosper together


A people who decide to lay aside

Father Ignorance and Mother Fear

So Hatred can no longer be born


A people who realize that in becoming one, we are all our brother's keeper

Who know that when one trips, we all fall

And when one rises, it helps us all


A people no longer ashamed of the midnight in our skin

Who feel no need to proclaim that black is beautiful 'cause

We know that is like proclaiming that the sky is blue


A people bent on building the world we live in

Thinking with our minds instead of our fists

Disassemble the old order with our words instead of our bullets


Take the frustration in our hearts 

Give rise to a new future

Where we can all join in


Then the scars on the backs

Of the blacks of the past

Will not be in vain


Then, the flood of blood ended forever

The sun will shine its rainbow

And the screaming of my heart will cease.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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