The Deceit Of America

The Deceit Of America


America, the land of free. The very free we all wish to be.

I was told from a very young age that this was our path, it was our calling.

For so long I believed them, believed these grownups telling children how life would be so easy.

As a Hispanic female, I'm already placed at a disadvantage, from the American society and all its standards.

No matter how hard I've tried to break free, I will always be stereotyped.

As the illiterate, uneducated, failure, and immigrant.


My experience with America is similar to others, who hate being placed by a label. 

The very label that holds back the true potential of us humans, I wish for America to be stable.

To rid of all stereotypes, to rid the term race, to rid the hatred that holds America back.

We as a country have great potential, yet it is the idiotic citizens that fuel the toxins.

My views for the county has changed over time, from an innocent child wanting to belong,

to a wise young female who's experienced the dark of this country.


I've struggled to fit in, I've struggled to survive, I've struggled truly being able to live my childhood.

I've witnessed death before my very eyes, I've witnessed pushing through all the "white" lies.

America has embedded labels that minorities cannot escape, embedded labels that have caused these acts of violence.

I want to see the America of my dreams, an America where everyone is truly free, revolving around equity.

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My country
Our world


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