I tried to roll the melanin off my skin

Again and again & I couldn't win
I tried to down size my thick thighs
Because the way they moved eyes were a sin
I've tried to cover my breast 
Only to fit in with the rest of the flat chested 
Wretcheds... But when I migrated to the land of southern hospitality 
And big red oak trees and overly sweetened sweet teas
Where the hearts are big but the booties are bigger
And I'm never shamed for being a nigger
The scene changed and all those once shamed named became
Compliments one after another again & again
The melanin I once tried to roll OFF my skin 
Was rolled back on me three times more
And as my mind opened & my EYE sight grew
I wanted more
More of my thick thighs that moved eyes & created sinful minds 
More of juicy upright peach ass, cause as it moved , eye schooled and put all the niggas in class
I loved my breast and how they were a lil bit bigger than the rest 
But despite the new found admiration for my physical attributes 
I fell in love with myself
My poisoned mind like venom 
Striking the weak while I'm continuously winning
How my tongue spoke tongues and cast spell over the gentle minded ones
How my brown mud eyes become the most delicious deceiving yet luring richest thickest quick mud 
Making my melanin brothers fall one after another
And how my melanin,
The one I once tried to roll off before,
It become the most delicate, smooth, deepest chocolate of the land 
And every man wanted a piece 
But I had better plans for this chocolate 
I was saving it for me, when I was ready to have some
Not when I was hungry , not when I was full but when I was content
And when I was, I'd have some and maybe share
But only to a KING of melanin worthy of it. 
Because I am Queen of melanin, Queen of me
Queen of my temple, Queen of Daisy
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