Rebuild America

Rebuild America


We are preached about a future containing hope and change,

but my definition of those words make theirs seem strange.

Our founding fathers worked so hard in it's creation,

to see our country change at it's foundation.

They make faulty plans to aid in our health,

and feel that workers should share their wealth.

Those who work hard and pursue the American Dream,

are paying for those who don't try, it seems.

It's the sneaky plans and shady deals,

that make us lose the trust we feel.

And when a nation tries to depower and disarm,

it becomes frightening and they're looking to harm.

But for our country there is a chance,

to better our lives and the nation enhance.

It is in times that we feel so lost and broken,

that we must hear the words unspoken.

Each one of us is touched with the silent call,

to take our rise and prevent our fall.

For those of you who've worked so hard,

I promise that you will make it far.

Even when the truth seems scarce,

we shall pursue it oh-so fierce.

"We The People" are the ones with the power,

our opportunity to shine is dawning at this hour.


The time is now and we have a chance,

to Rebuild America with our broken hands.







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