Wed, 05/10/2017 - 23:47 -- smita_n

I composed my song of unspoken apologies

Echoing like the ancient lands’ mythologies


It sang of red, white, and blue,

Of thinkers, speakers, revolutionaries too.




The land of POTUS
The land of SCOTUS and FLOTUS


Built upon slaves and horrendous labor

And those that didn’t ask for favors.


It sang of robbers and barons, the rich and the poor

If only we knew what we had in store


For our futures- our past rewound

And if only we looked, so much we would have found:


Corruption, tyranny, xenophobia at its best

Unfortunately these notions have withstood the test




Tests of time, change, and all that is new

Those that remember now are only a few


Who remember the Holocaust, the nights of broken glass

Or as it’s now called, the “alt-right,” all polished like brass


Who push away the unfamiliar and keep to the safe.

As our fellow humans are left behind to the strafe


Of aircraft, bombing, and our ignorant mind

As they lives are destroyed, so do our hearts in kind.




A glimmer of hope in the dark

Because every blaze begins with a spark

That ignites the world, one ember at a time

and we can change the world because “it’s mine”

As much as it is yours, and we fight for you too

With hearts opened, with passion renewed.


Because we are Americans, proud and true.

Patriots bleeding red, white, and blue.


This poem is about: 
My country


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