America the blind

We the people.

United we stand!


That's right..

United we stand,


United we stand,

If you are heterosexual

If you are christian

If you are a white man who was born a man,


How could I forget?

You should also have money,

Because without money what use are you?


America the brave

Is hiding in the corner

Paralyzed by the fear of what we,

As a society,

Refuse to understand.


America the beautiful

Is destroying the beauty all around us.

Who needs trees to produce air,

When you could have a killer parking spot?

What good is water,

Without a splash of chlorine for flavor?

Global warming has to be a lie,

Despite every scientific study proving otherwise,

So really what's the harm in a bit of polution?


America the bold

Where we shove our genitals in the faces of other countries,

And scream



You have Oppression!

Yet we ignore the oppression right in front of us.

Wage gaps,

Racial profiling,

Human trafficking.

Who are we to point fingers,

When we as a country are damaged as well?


We are promised protection,

Yet the people making promises encourage intolerance.

We are promised equal rights,

We are given the right to bare arms

But a woman who does not want to bare a child,

Will be shot and people will scream praises to the shooter

Because a woman's body cannoot possibly be her own.


United we stand,


This poem is about: 
My country


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