Lie, Steal, Blame, Kill


United States
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United States
33° 51' 50.3604" N, 84° 1' 38.3412" W

A short Poem by Stephen Strausbaugh


Lie, Steal, Blame, Kill

You look down at us atop of your hill

Writing bills, but seeking thrills

Only you have a license to kill

Only you have a license to kill

To kill my brothers

To kill my sisters

To kill my country

Your views are twisted

Twisted by friends with power and interests

Friends with MONEY

Your greed is endless

Endless like the wars you fund

Wars that fuel your business

Wars fought with your guns

You lie, steal, blame, kill





Blame anything you can to justify your madness

False hopes of peace and gladness

Only to reveal death and sadness

You lie and make us believe

Everything we see on the TV

What a shame that you succeed

What a shame we believe FOX, CNN, and MSNBC

You steal my hard earned penny

To fund your dinners, vacations, and illegal wars

Wars we hate but put up with still

Wars we hate yet we foot the bill

But it’s not you who pays the price

Sitting in your office with your coffee on ice

It’s the young men and women with hearts of gold

Fighting for the future that you bought and you sold

Promising a light at the end of the tunnel

But all you can find there is blood and rubble

They are heroes, that’s for sure

But it’s not America that they are fighting for


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