Two Different Worlds, One Heart

Though we are different and unique
Two separate cultures and worlds apart,
I fear society’s standards will force you to depart
Sometimes the future with you looks bleak.
You are from the Arabic world and nation
Tall, jet black hair, and olive skin,
You are charming and kind within
You caught my attention with your sweet, sly flirtation.
My world is far west
America, home of the free is where I live,
My heart to you and my fellow patriots I give
Our separate worlds are seeing frequent unrest.
One day I hope we all get along
For I do not want to see this suffering prolonged.
I hope our love can be a shimmer of light in the dark
Even constant darkness will fade with a sliver of light before long.



This is a really beautiful poem! I really love the ending, "I hope our love can be a shimmer in the light in the dark even constant darkness will fade with a sliver before long." Really beautiful.

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