A Dream to be Free

Tue, 03/14/2017 - 19:46 -- NLJT

Oh say can’t you see,

The home and land of the free…


The free...


Each day one more decree,

enforced over me.

I am silenced by the onslaught

of human machines!


Mechanical politicians bent o’er power,

This is your wake up call,

Your final hour!


I have a dream,

of a day wherein I can be,

finally free,

From those that have

So long oppressed my people and me.


But now I see,

with the rise of those like Bernie,

That it’s no matter how far

No, not how long

I can’t outrun the hand

of “equality”, the monster

who devours all...

Devastation hiding behind a lamb’s call...


I have a dream that

someday I will be free,

From the beast unbridled,

From bureaucracy.


I will not be a slave to the liberal regime,

You won’t have my vote,



I came one day,

To the beautiful U.S.A.

Land of the free,

To find the way,

To an endless opportunity!


I do not need

Anyone like Bernie,

To tell me what I need

or what I want

I’ll earn for myself!


I’ll never be a servant to you,

Look just what you have done!

Don’t you know that the things you want

for me will be nails in a coffin.

The “rights” you demand are the same

as ones that drove

The red flag…


I will not be segregated away,


I will not be silent,


I will never let you win,

America will be made great again!


I am not minority,

I am not statistic!


I am a hispanic

Not a taco-eater, Mrs. Clinton!


See a bullet made of gold

Will still bring death

A dog as cute as Shiba

Is still wolf deep within


Democratic Socialists

are not our savior.

We fled our homelands

to escape them!



The land of the brave and the free,

Build up your wall,

Protect dear me,

From a world that pretends to care all about me.


See you don’t know,

What it's like to truly perceive,

A land where you are oppressed

Where you want to be freed,

where you’ve a million needs.


The star spangled banner

means the world to we,

who know the sting

of what liberals can do in authority.


Pray you, dear President Trump

Save us from this sweep

The dems claim to care for minorities,

like me...


But where they back in

Eighteen sixty-three

Or even when Obama

Abandoned me!


And so Viva

a la Republica!

Long stand that flag!

The wonderful

Stars and stripes that mark my freedom!

I’ll always stand

To preserve this magical land

I won’t let it fall into

The darkness always at hand


Call me racist,


Call me whatever you can,

But you can’t deny

What I’ve seen with my own eyes.

You can’t erase

the greatest demise

Is always in the hands of the


The jackass…


This poem is about: 
My country


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