I bleed red, white, and blue

With stars across my heart,

With the stripes burned into my mind;

Giving everything -

All my experiences;

A little taste of home with each step I take;

A little bit of country marks my path.

With every inhale, I smell peaches, pine, and pride.

With every exhale, I release the prejudice we fight again,

Accepting everyone into a Melting Pot.

I can always hear the faint guitar strums that ride the wind in sun-kissed states;

Smell the laughter-filled, barbeque smoke;

And feel the boom of fireworks and football cheers.

With the sun beaming on my face,

I walk with a freedom-laced swagger,

Holding my head high,

Holding the hands of my brothers and sisters - 

A menagerie of cultures,

Brought together by binding stripes;

Our hearts beating in time to the star-spangled song.



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