Satire for School


An illusion


A delusion

How are we supposed to feel 

with Isis's intrusion?

We're stuck in bad habit

while they're organizing their cabinet.

We say "The Land of the Free"

and "The Home of the Brave"

while turbaned "vigilantes" laugh

atop a mass grave.





While Obama plays the Prez'

they're screaming "Aiie, aiie, aiie!"

Nine eleven, twenty four seven.

Terrorism's never closed just like Seven Eleven.

And I'm just bettin'

that as the sun's settin'

these terrorists who fight for "good"

are preppin' for go-gettin'.

Immigrants settling while the getting's for good.

Meanwhile, Mike Brown's a corpse

'Cause we thought he was hood.

But we say we're okay.

Still afraid to be gay,

but we've got our country under control,

sending troops out every day.

The wars we fight?

Nope, they're never at home.

Nah, "Home's not the Gov's problem!"

That's why they're sitting there mind-blown.

They think, "Green grass and blue skies,"

Not, "Ridiculous gas price!"

While they gorge on McDonalds

that's going straight to their thighs.

Don't worry, they've got us,

so just say their pledge.

Give your allegiance to the country

sitting right on the edge.

God bless America,

the best place to be.

Where they might fix your problems

in 2023.


But, whoops!

I hope I didn't wrinkle your pretty little picture of


This poem is about: 
My country


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