Sun, 11/03/2013 - 00:40 -- bbaxa94


Times are changing,

That’s no question.

The world we live in is constantly spiraling, 

And we have been told it’s up to us to shape it into something we would want to live in.

But you, the teacher, have an obligation to us, the students.

We aren’t asking for much, 

We have just one small request.

To fucking teach, like your job title suggests!


You see, I come from a school where I was more admired by my test taking, than for my innovative thinking.

School has gone from molding an ideal citizen to test scores, averages, and sums of our GPAS. But who cares if I get an A but have no idea how to use what I’ve been taught. I learned of iambic pentameter and pythagorean theorem, and don’t know when I will ever use them.


Your biggest mistake was to blame the student, 

Not yourself.

You’ve turned into preachers not teachers.

Us, students, are sick and tired of being talked at, talked down to.

Being told we are the lost generation. Of course we are lost! 

Look what you left us, a war YOU started, a debt YOU created, a damaged earth stripped of its natural resources by YOU.


You’ve flooded into society, against the flow of reality.

Corporate America now lies at the back bone of my education.

But my education is not a get rich quick scheme you can parade and smash your ideas on. You care more about the test results than if we are actually learning. 

When was the last time you had to take a scan tron for a job interview? 

Denying my way of learning because it doesn’t fit the standard, but your words feel like poison dripping from the mouth of the corporate giant. 


We are the lost generation? 

No, sir, it is you who are lost. 

You take the easy way out, issuing tests, worksheets, and study guides but never teaching. 

You pummel our creativity and turn us into the drones of the product of a corrupt system. 

We graduate having learned how to take a test, but not knowing how to communicate our ideas in context. We struggle to find a path, and don’t understand why life is so hard.

You raised us to believe everyone is a winner. In a world so competitive we have been taught to run blind into an electric fence, and been taught to be so obsessed with success that we don’t  know how to deal with failure. 


So you tell us that we are lost, lazy, and don’t understand the value of hardwork. 

How could we learn when the teachers don’t teach, they preach. 

And now that’s all I can do, too. 

Preach my ideas to you, 

Express my problems, 

Beg for an educational revolution, but now. 

I have no idea where to start.



I have no criticism. Perfect...just perfect.


Thank you so much! It's my first spoken word, I hope I got my point across well.

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