Polite Society

Politics & Religion

Were never meant for polite society

My parents taught me.

But polite society doesn't exist

At least in this day and age.

Now and again vulgarities show

Marring perfect plans

Destroying peace.

How can such a vulgar society

Pretend it’s polite

When a man,

Whose vulgarity landed him fame,

Gets elected a leader?

The society that gave him power

Suddenly puts on airs.

He’s so awful they cry

Whenever he speaks.

Before they were mocking

Now they’re rioting

Destroying property

Not even giving anyone a chance.

For polite society was replaced long ago

By social media and opinionated egos.

Nobody will stop to consider

That maybe society’s vulgar

And should be toned down.

This is the age of no reasoning

Of extreme thoughts and feelings

Of being the center of attention.

Can we hold civil conversations

About politics and religion?


For the topics never were meant for

Polite Society.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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