The atoms of imperfections fog

The atoms of imperfections fog the mirror these two eyes stare into
They search for meaning in the midst of it all 
Life is still a blur 
I carry the shackles that forbid me 
That restrict me 
From carrying out my destiny 
I cannot speak for my tongue has been severed from my body 
I cannot see for my eyes have been blinded since birth 
I cannot think for my mind has been taught to not function unless turned on by this button this concoction 
to follow the path 
To remember my lord and savior 
To reap what you sow 
And to never let go of what You hold true 
To be true 
The lies of a god 
Who will always come when needed 
Who will always show you reason 
But I see no reason 
In no season
I see the darkness 
The evil lurching and crawling 
And becoming a part of me 
I see the D in devil 
The E in evil  
The L in lust and lies 
I cross my Ts and dot my Eyes 
I taste the blood of a broken man 
Who cannot come to the realization of defeat 
Who cannot see that he is no longer who he pretends to be 
What people said he was meant to be 
He is the B in bland 
The C in coward 
I was called for a destiny 
Written before my life or yours 
I was called for this 
Made for this 
Shaped for this 
Yet I am torn 
I am that needle in that hay stack
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