Life After Death

Dear Heaven,

I am merely a stranger in search of a home

Your customs are rather unusual

Those of which I am willing to assimilate

Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages

I must say that I am completely impressed


During my journey for peace and unity

One peculiar figure seized my attention

It was you!

With such a beautiful design

I am positive that your roads are most elegant


Captivated by your exquisite trumpets and golden bricks

Perfect images and pleasant skies

Lovely water and distinct scent

A home is what I believe to have arrived


Allow me to find sanctuary to escape my world's dangers

Pass me your blessing to call your fortress my residence

Grant me permission to march amongst your angels

I've never felt more at ease


Perhaps if I refer my loved ones we could all live in harmony


Our Sins will be forgiven  

Oh my how they would love to even spectate this wonderful place

Permit me to explore

God please vouchsafe me a tiny amount of taste


The gate unlatches only to show the epitome of horror

All of my preconceived ideas about your magnificence 

Every false rhetoric that has drawn me closer to you

My soul melts from the very heat of this chamber

I must talk to God this instant!


Floods of dying souls surround any innocent crevice

Depression illuminates the atmosphere 

Confusion overthrows my brain

All I can think about is leaving


I can't find God! The ruler of Heaven is nowhere to be found

Any gate that was open is now closed

Guards rush at me from every corner imaginable

Oh the fear that my heart succumbs to

I am convinced that my fate is sealed


I awaken in a cell

Only to discover my ancestor who searched for the Heaven's before me

He informed me about the belief of a palace with welcoming arms

To which he established wasnt't authentic


Tears began to race down my cheeks

I held the stories of the angels in the highest regards

Trusted the opportunities that this place granted 

Bombarded by my own vision

I am a victim of my very own imagination


Make the best of this wretched place if any mortal dares to enter

That is the best advice that I have for any straggler

I strongly encourage my people not to be fooled by shining golds and false prophecies


To my unborn child

My knight in shining armor

If you shall ever wonder where your father's soul lies

Search for the land of broken promises and spiritual destitution

To strangers this was our Heaven

To citizens this is America. 




This poem is about: 
My country


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