American Spirit

Red for the color of her first car that she was so ecstatic about,

For the stop sign she saw the other driver disregard,

For the color she saw as her eyes alligned with the other driver, screams filling the vehicle, 

For the oozy liquid death that pooled out of the car as smoke filled the scene.

White for the lettering on the cans that rippled out of his car as he stumbled to the other,

For the spaced, dashed lines on the street, hearing the cries and remaining still,

For the airbags that now crushed the beautiful girl's face into a mess of disassembled flesh,

For the slippery foam that now bubbled out of her mouth as she trembled and seized.

Blue for the pouting sky that overwatched the horrific scene of frantic paramedics and police,

For the color of the tubes that were inserted into her throat to assist her breathing in the ambulance,

For the color of the scrubs as the doctor released the severity of her injuries,

For the code that was repeated over the intercom of the hospital, all too late.

Stars for what her parents saw as they heard of the crash, heard of the pain she suffered, heard of their baby girl's end.

Stripes for the drunk driver's apparell as he spends the rest of his life behind bars, never forgetting the taste of that first sip of liquor and the look on the little girl's face as she took her last breath.

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My country
Our world
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