America the Great! -_-

Ambulance sirens.

Someone else dying.

Girls getting knocked up.

The fathers leave or get locked up.

Few fake cops.

Walking out dealing with Opps.

Drugs take over your brain.

All of a sudden, there's no such thing as pain.

Drink a few bottles.

Driving, come up to a speed bump, slow down, wait, no, skip that, we're going on full throttle.

Pants hang down, taking a picture? Just frown.

White T and blue jeans is the uniform for now.

We're no more free than the people in jail.

Only difference is our method of paying our bail.

The land of the free is turning into the land of hell.

Hostility is taking over.

You can barely walk out of the house without worrying about being shot in the shoulder.

Brag about having thots because they give you that "sloppy-top".

Sneak dissers running to the story.

They only tell because they want their moment of glory.

Everyone raps but only few make it.

Some only get recognized when people see R.I.P as the engravement.

America needs to get it together before theres no America left.

Before everyones only option is to choose death.


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