America's Oxygen

America's Oxygen 


We boast about being brave and being free

But maybe that ain't as true as it means to be

We built this country on God and trust

But sadly our ways of life begin to rust


Let's start it off with the color of your skin

And how that shouldn't matter when we all are kin

Some people are dark, while some people are light

You're born this way it doesn't change day or night 

 I was born to believe unless was misled 

That a person is a person as long as they bleed red


Another issue deemed to be true

Is the color people love more than the red white and blue 

Last I checked, and still yet to be seen

There are more important colors than green

A number on paper is nothing when instead

You have your family, friends, and full life way ahead


What really is sad though, is the way we do treat

All those men and women that come back with a win or defeat 

They fought for this home where we now safely sleep

And because of them, this home we can now forever keep

We should be thanking our Veterans everyday

For their courage and sacrifices they gave along the way


However the older America gets with age

We take another problem and flip over the page

This year we decided that love can be for all

And that America will help when given the call

This country has proven there is nothing we cannot do

Especially while our people have the will to push us through


Blow your breath out and take a new breath in

Do you feel it? That is America's oxygen 


This poem is about: 
My country


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