We Are Not.


United States
38° 53' 6.6804" N, 95° 22' 22.8648" W

We live in the land of the privileged.
But our humanity has been lost.
We have so much power,
but that power comes with a cost.

How have we forgotten
what this land was founded on?
Truth? Prosperity?
One nation under God?

Not lies and poverty;
I didn’t think that was our land.
But that’s the sad truth,
unless we take a stand.

Why do we think we are better than all?
Is it because we call ourselves the land of the great?
Is it because we will fight until we all fall?

It’s scary and sad,
and it might be too late.
But to my country, my family:
We are not all that great.

We live in the land of prosperity;
the land of the free.
The place our great grandparents moved their lives to be.
We are strong,
we are smart;
we are proud and lucky.

And yet...
all we can worry about is money?

We have futures,
and more!
So why do so many
slam the damn door?

The kids of the land of the free,
the home of the brave.
Are too scared of trying,
so we all run away.

And toss our lives aside
for money.
For drugs.
For sex.
For love.

And we sit
and we wish our futures away.
But we are not all that great.

We are not all that great.


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