Blind Nation

Why do they hate us?

They sit upon their skyscrapers

With eyes malicious and green with lust.

They feast like kings and hiss like serpents,

Unleashing showers of death upon all those

Whom would dare oppose their way of life.

Turning entire cities to glass,

Bringing financial rapture to entire empires,

They pledge their souls to the God of consumerism,

Forsaking all that is unfamiliar,

All who do not fit,

All that is sacred.

Our brothers and sisters die from starvation

As our crops burn and our water poisoned

And yet they do nothing

For their dollar is better spent

Creating bombs to rain down upon their foes.

Death to the communist!

Death to the terrorist!

Death to the nonconformist!

And death to all other gods!!

“Down with Big Brother!”

Blinded by greed,

Shackled by the chains of society.

A country of freemen.

A country of slaves.

Dead children and underpaid workers compose great pillars

Holding chapel walls and industrial complexes together.

Equations and computing machines create their radio stations,

Calculating  and creating the next musical hit.

Great puppet masters in great castles of concrete and glass and marketing.

The dead care not for immigration reform

Nor overseas trade agreements.

Feeling dissatisfied with your 5x6 cubicle?

There is no place in this world for such thoughts,

So take a handful of antidepressants

And find some personal time to masque your problems

In the hypnotic glow of the machine.


But don’t forget

Your eight hour work shift awaits you in the morning.

Mortal gods walk your streets,

Illustrious actors and musicians

Praised as heroes and worshipped as deities.

A nation ruled by slips of paper,

With monopolies on plagues and cures.

A nation ruled by fear of impoverishment and fear of one another.

A nation ruled by the emerald’s grass-like glow.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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