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Blessed with the gift of freedom

We’re constantly at war with an idea 

The idea of being true to ourselves and to each other 

I sit, looking out, seeing PEOPLE, PLACES MOMENTS

That encapsulate just who and why we are. 

PEOPLE that want more but are given nothing 

PLACES the represent us but create a detestable cliche 

MOMENTS that define a generation 

Let me tell you: 

One PERSON is not a people 

One PLACE is not a region 

One MOMENT is not a time 

How can we be free if our choices are constantly judged? 

Judgement is the worst hypocrisy 

America is a hypocrisy? 

We judge America, America judges others and its becomes a cycle 

Turning, turning, turning

Freedom, Choices, Judgement

Blessed with a gift? or

Cursed with a weapon? 

Only you can choose which is which 

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Only you can choose your America.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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