In The Eyes of The President

In the eyes of the president, I’m a fucking rapist

In the eyes of the president, I don’t work for shit

In the eyes of the president, I’m a drug user

but in the eyes of my residents, you’re the fucking Führer

now listen to me while I grip this microphone

cause I’m kicking down the door to your big white home

and try to tell you, but I doubt you’d understand

that this whole country was built by immigrants

you’re whitewashing history

clean that mouth out; Listerine

you can’t ban half the country

and call it liberty

When you open your mouth, hate spews out

So, I’ll have to teach you what this is all about

While you and your 1% friends are busy sleeping soundly in your beds

My people are waking up at 4 so they can work instead

Cause they’ve got families to feed and gotta provide

So, they’re going out there and risking their lives

So, trust me, trump, we’re not taking your jobs

We’re just doing the work no one else will take on

Do you get it now, Don? We’re the fucking foundation

Keeping afloat this whole damn nation

And if we stopped working everything would fall

So, think about that when you build your fucking wall

You say we’re weakening this country, but you couldn’t be wronger

Cause the immigrants here have made America stronger

We’re building better lives for our sons and daughters

Exactly what was envisioned by our forefathers  

So, do us all a favor and get it straight

Immigrants helped make America great

But if you really wanna make it great again

Let’s make your presidency come to an end

Your policies got blood on their hands

Filled with controversies and Muslim bans

Mocking a disabled man

Putting Mexicans in concentration camps?

Déjà vu, world war 2

What the fuck are we gonna do

You’re separating families locking kids in cages

You’ve fucked the country in the ass, but we’re the goddamn rapists?

Man, I fucking hate this

I ain't got the patience

To deal with this for 2 more years

So many people are living in fear

That shouldn’t be a surprise to hear

Since you’re sending ICE to kick em out of here

You do not deserve this power

So, go back to your tower

Muller’s knocking at your door cause it’s your final hour

Man, this all is whack-a

Getting rid of DACA?

You may think we’re just schemers, you may think we’re just beaners

But let’s make something clear here

We stand with the dreamers

This country is our home too and we don’t plan on leaving her

This poem is about: 
My country


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