What You Taught Me

As a child,

so fragile, so pure

you broke my confidence

as the blood rushed to my face

when you said that I would never be anything

in front of the whole class

I told you that I was accepted into the number one high school

you said that it would clench me in its big jaws

trap me, like mother trapped me

when she shot her euphoria

away from the tragedy of the real world

straight into her veins

and I would never have the satisfaction

of walking across a vibrant stage

to get the piece of paper that says that I am worth something

even if I never did cross that stage, 

I would be a far better person than you

I would never belittle someone 

make them feel like an ant 

snuggled to the bottom of the shoe of an angry child

hiding in the creases for safety

you forced me to feel like I needed you to keep me safe

even though you were the one hurting me

but that was years ago

in a few months I will stride across that stage

with the pride and confidence 

of every natural euphoric rush you'll ever feel in your life

my aching feet will lead me to that paper and further 

they have lead me so far already

and through so many things

I will graduate with a diploma from the number one school

with honors stamped across the top

I will be a human rights lawyer

because I've learned that society is not kind to everyone

I will teach

because I know the importance of uplifting the next generation

I will be great

because you taught me 

not to be you



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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