America with a question mark


2003 bandera dr
United States
30° 24' 37.9512" N, 86° 48' 18.9864" W


안녕하세요,Aloha,Hola,こんにちは,你好,and Hello there are so many different languages in America.But as Americans we are supposed to speak English

What is an American? ,What makes us American?

Papers? Words? Because we are born here?

I can't describe to anyone what an American is. I couldn't express to you my opinion

But what is an American to everyone else? what are we taught what an american is? Proud people, always ready to fight for what we

  believe in,honor and defend.

But when other peoples beliefs come into the picture we are quick to judge instead of just            accepting.

If I were to go to another country. I dont want to be called an American because I'm worried about                     “what if they don't like me because maybe my country made a negative impact on them” thats what history has taught me. Maybe I’m too young to understand but I won’t deny that

     I’m proud to be part of America,But maybe I’m just a little scared of what we might become.


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