Welcome to “America”

They say black lives don’t matter cause we out here killing each other.And when they see him all they think of is a thug.Another brother who’s gonna rot in the gutter.Get his picture ready for the newspaper.Tell his mother her son ain’t coming back for supper.Make an early obituary cause sure enough we gonna need it sooner or later.And when they see her, they see another female who’s gonna get pregnant In high school and drop out just like her mother.Working at Mickey Dee’s probably flipping burgers.Buying groceries with a EBT.Don’t have no clue about a college degree or plan on going back to school to get a GED.Society basically perpetuates that if I’m not lighter than a paper bag or a celebrity if I get killed it won’t matter.I’ll just be another statistic.If I get killed it’ll just be another tragedy.Another black girl killed on the street.Protests if I’m lucky.Or if I’m popular or get enough retweets on twitter maybe I can get my face on a shirt.But if Brenda who’s 10 shades lighter than the average naked palate gets killed the whole nation gone be hurt.They calling CNN.Fake news...I’m sorry “Fox News”.And America’s most wanted.This is a catastrophe, we refuse to let this happen again.FBI on the case.But when it was Kenneka Jenkins, it was ruled out as just another party girl accident.Case closed.It’s nothing to be solved. It’s just another teen black girl who partied too hard and it went wrong.How is it an accident when you’re found dead, beaten and dirty in a freezer.Clothes torn up off her body, a busted lip and broken fingers.I’m so sick of this mess.Keneeka Jenkins found dead in a freezer.Kendrick Johnson found dead in a gym mat with no organs left in his body.Sandra Bland killed over a busted ass tail light.Tamir Rice killed over a freaking toy gun.Cops ain’t even give lil dude the chance to put his hands up.Treyvon Martin killed for simply being black at night. I’m so tired of hearing “well thats America”Nah forget that, this shit ain’t right. Our black lives matter too.Not just in the movies and sports but in every day life too.But they don’t care about us. All they see is dark skin, slave chains and prison PIN numbers tattooed on our chests.They just wanna sweep our dead bodies up under the rug as if they had never found us.Get rid of us til there’s nothing left but the dusts of our ashes and oceans of our tears.Give it some more time.The new slogan of America is gonna be “Black people? You wouldn’t even know we used to house them here”   

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My community
My country
Our world
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