A Vigil for Orlando

Who are you America?

With your passive parties placed on pedestals. Who are you America?When men are made mad by the words of our fathers. Who are you America?When numbness is the norm and We can't feel anymore without being fucked by the weight of the world, slowly, slowly, slowly, one pulse after the other.When each writhing rape lowers the pain of the past, and the glory of our great country is poured out with pornographic propaganda. Who are you America?When we can't decide to care unless it makes history. Who are you America?Where I've seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by the madness of fear and failure.Where the standards of humanity are raped into Lady Liberty. And now evil has come to wreck our world. Who are you America?Breeding hate to children with the sword of the word. Where Righteous rapists lead us to the wrong side of Heaven I want to know you America.The one that knows righteous side of Hell, that knows Moloch is an enemy, that understands the will of God. I want to know you America.With your angry psychedelic hipsters, ready to fight for freedom Losing lust for Moloch's will I want to know you America.Where we can all make sweet love with the worldWith such great passion and intensity that we begin to feel love fill deep inside our bodies I want to know you America.Where our brothers and sisters love and love and love and love and love,Where we unite with love, mourn with love, weep with love, moan and shout and scream in blissful agony with love. Where we laugh and cry with love, live and die with love, win and lose with love. I want to know you America.Where Jesus weeps with joyThat thy neighbor is loved and our souls are stretched across the nation,Spreading love like wildfire into dead hearts I want to know you America,But I want you to be worth knowing

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My country
Our world
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