The American Mosaic

I am America, and I am the greatest country on Earth

I take pride in my journey, destined for power since birth

Like a mosaic, I am made of many stones and pieces

Together as one, the American spirit never ceases

Innovation gets its start, from crazy ideas in a basement

Or maybe it's in someone's garage, or someone who pays late rent

I am known for humble beginnings, rags to riches, and comebacks

Every kind of star: writers, politicians, actors, actresses, quarterbacks

I am the Land of the Free, which means hot dogs for all

I have the skinny, the fat, the short, and the tall

Every ethnicity, every nationality, every color, every hue

However the only colors that matter are red, white, and blue

Every facet of ideals, is poured into me like a faucet

Though I may look jaded on the outside, I am not one to cosset

Because one thing remains constant, though Americans bicker and fight,

We make up a greater mosaic, when as a nation we unite

This poem is about: 
My country


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