America the Once Great


United States
39° 42' 33.7356" N, 84° 32' 35.4732" W

Said he would make it great again

Too bad it was just pretend

Where once they were welcomed, they now flee

Tyranny, fascism, and maximum authority

Could thou have a change of heart?

Make us one to be admired

Here we stand as a joke to the world

Fingers pointing, laughing, the whole comedic deal

Our swing state Russia, never considered

Disabled, immigrants, and ethnics all belittled

What could thy do to make us esteemed and whole?

Shall we become the land to welcome all?

The ones who give where others do not?

Do not ignore our pleas, sir

We can unite and get through this together

Looketh into thine eyes and reveal what you see

Set aside our differences, and make this land of the free what it ought to be

End this fear

End the instability

End the ecological ravagings

End the poverty

Built up from where we stand

A nation we hail, the land to be had

Make us stable, safe, happy, and green

That would be a great America to me

This poem is about: 
Our world


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