Fake Nation

Seventeen years of life experience and I'm still not qualified for the job, because everyone thinks I'm either too young or too dumb. Pressured by society to look thin and tan, but we can hardly face each other man to man. Beauty is only recognized by the size of your tits, lips, ass. Girls with small frames seemingly outcasted. Why is it we're so quick to judge another for how they look? But we can't even see them for their personal worth. Power hungry and full of rage is the American dream, though most of us are broken from seam to seam. Say I love you to all the people that we meet, even when that's the emotion which makes us feel most uncomfortable and weak. Parents no longer hold respect or pride, with their teenagers becoming mala fide. Fear fills the minds of young girls walking home alone, hold your keys along your knuckles and keep 911 dialed on your phone. Having any form of sexuality makes you a whore, skank, slut. Yet you'll be belittled, called a prude if you don't know too much. The sweet innocence of a child replaced with the craving to be older, leaves the world dull and colder. Discrimination is taught to the ignorant, its ideas being passed through like a rivulet. Corruption pollutes the seats where honor is suppose to rise, leading to political destruction, demise. Claiming that we live in a just and great nation, is just overly done bull shit jactation.

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My community
My country
Our world
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