Ain't it insane?


Lonely on a train ride
Trailing on the tracks in daylight
Nameless faces bugging my vibe
Cool jams begin to drown in sound.

Those who vibe right, the music addicts
Will see this quick as problematic
The voices keep at it
Songs stay subdued in static

Ain't it insane?
People talking on a train

Now all the people sound alike
And it's hard to keep them out of mind
I try, and fail
It's useless, far as I can tell

But it doesn't pay to get tight
Because people don't change right?
And everybody has the same rights
Got me wonderin' about mine

Ain't it insane?
Striking epiphany, sitting lonely on a train

It's insane, ain't it?
To sit at the window facing
The city structures send my thoughts racing
The people, the places and things
In fact, it's quite amazing

To think of all those nameless faces
Having dreams and aspirations
Feeling pain and frustrartion
Tired of this dichotomous nation

Ain't it a shame?
To strip a person of their name

 And keep them in check by

checking a race?

Ain't it insane?
To think alike, act the same
And yet differ from one another
To live in different homes
And walk the same ground of our mother
To act as individuals
Yet still remain in touch
To conceal an ideal
Cause we don't think it'll change much

But you know?
It ain't too insane
To initiate change


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