First I was afraid, I was petrified

Waving flag; Burning flag




For all

Let your voice be heard




but don't block dem streets

I don't want a faggot get’n married in my church

Ain’t no mexican gonna steal my job

Why so different?


ConForm confOrm CONforM


We are not

Our lives matter

All lives matter

Let the voices be heard

Let your voice be heard above the thunderous storm of society

Drops in the bucket can form an ocean of change

When they buried us, they didn't known we were seeds

Sprout my seedlings-- up to the sky

Let nobody stop you

Make them look you in the eye

Explain what you're doing, make them understand why

Because this is your country and it shouldn't make you cry

To watch the news or hear the results of an election

It's not your fault

That people behave in deplorable ways

But you matter and


Can make the change



Roar like a lion

Run like a cheetah

Protect like a mother bear

Scream like a howler monkey

But most importantly




You will survive

And then you will thrive


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My country
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