Mental Mind Swap


We sit on our cotton made, silk lined couches.

We entertain ourselves by watching Hi-Def  TV on 62'' flat screen televisions, while eating a hot homemade meal, 

where we buy all our top quality food from the neatly organized grocery store down the street. 

Even when our lethargic ways get the best of us, we ride 5 minutes to the nearest McDonald's, 

but then complain when the food doesn't satify our "needs". 

They sit on the ground, that is their couch. 

They watch each other play games in barefeet, with whatever they can find, that is their entertainment.

Oh, and their homecooked meals and McDonald's? It's in their minds. 

They dream of the taste of a chessy McDouble, 

or to even witness aisles and aisles of food that they have only seen in pictures. 

They'd love to feel our cotton soft couches under their bottoms. 

They'd love to get a gleamance of our Hi-Def televisions,

beg to have the satifications and abudance of things we overlook everyday. 

They can't change their life, but we can change their life. 

Time after time, we see their horrid living conditions on commericals, and have sympathy,

getting guilt felt for just a moment, wishing their lives were better, like ours,  but as soon as the commerical goes off, our feelings go away. 

Our feelings and intentions of aid are temporary, like the commerical. We hope somewhere, someone will help them. 

Why can't we help them? Why wait? Why hold on?

What if we were them, and they were us?

How would we feel, knowing they could help us out our situation, 

but instead feel pity for us, and continue on watching their Hi-Def 62" televisions, laying on their puls couches, while having our hard decision of the day, what to eat? when we are going without. 

Could we live their lives?








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