Who Are We?

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 17:52 -- meang


United States
39° 38' 37.4208" N, 74° 45' 25.614" W

Who are we?
We, who razed down walls that kept us hidden,
Spoke firm words that altered the face of the nation,
We who stood up for equality in an unfair society.
We are women.

Who are we?
We, whose brilliant minds worked diligently,
Our steps stomped on the hatred of the close-minded,
We had a dream... of unity and love,
We are the colored.

Who are we?
We, are disrespected and misunderstood,
Stigmatized as the 'sin' of those religious,
We will never stop fighting for who we love,
We are the gay, the lesbian, and the bisexual.

Who are we?
We who walk on this land,
We who criticize each other,
We who hold onto hatred,
The root of all evil?

Who are we?
We are America.
We walk, we stumble, we fall,
But we will always get back up.
We are Human; We are STRONG.

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