America's Garden

America's Garden

Here in America diversity is key,

Seen on this soil are seeds from overseas,

Sailing on water or flying in air,

The common goal of freedom brings those seeds there,

Each seed is different by their looks, abilities, journey, and life,

The best thing to do is raise your seed right,

To nurture, love, and grow,

Into a wise, beautiful, healthy, successful flower of power,

That is admired by soil of many gardens all across the world

A plant that is army strong like a cactus,

As beautiful and graceful as a rose,

Healthy and contributive like a medicinal plant,

With the determination to grow like celery,

And the ability to spread its quality like poison ivy.

To cross-pollinate and rise with the strength to withstand invaders,

And aid those of other soils with our green thumb efforts in mind,

Is the mission that underlies America's Garden.

For we must grow by day and dream by night,

For a healthier tomorrow,

Despite the climate changes,

Despite the challenges,

To continue growth we must select a gardener,

Who knows what we need,

Is passionate, and willing to share their green thumbs,

With all the diverse plants of this country,

So that when we wither,

Our life is well done!


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My country


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