Elephant and Donkey each gearing up

The day starts new the sun shines the elephant smiles 

The Donkey watches the people smile 

The Donkey rejoices with tears of zealous vigor

A new day begins, the sun fades 

Elephant begins the blame on the Donkey

The Donkey  reacts the same and wants change

The people uncertain, but the Elephant acts as a wall between the change

The Elephant and Donkey challenge eachother 

The people are upset

Both sides conflicting each sunset 

The Donkey uses facts

The Elephant uses facts

The people take sides, still uncertain if their side is better

The Donkey and Elephant try to get together to make the change thier way

But thier own people become stood on thier ground

Change becomes rare, The Donkey and Elephant become tired

The people of both parties become fewer each year as the sun becomes darker.

The Donkey and Elephant realize thier people are lessening so they begin to add qualities

The Sun becomes no more

The People are sad.



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