America, Where did your heart go?


United States
37° 43' 15.1248" N, 121° 1' 19.3512" W

The homeless starve on the streets,
And the people never stopping, never sharing a glance, never sharing a thought.
And the best of my generation were wasted, are wasting; art was thrown away, expression was trashed, Love was forgotten.
And we're created for war.
The wars are glorified, America's personified, we can't insult Liberty.
And Liberty became a prostitute, sold to the highest bidder, freedom isn't free for most,
And only the rich can succeed.
And we read tea leaves, we read stars, we read faces, searching for answers that shouldn't be found.
And we've stabbed out the eyes of Justice, we burned her scales,
And we took her soul and fed it to the pigs, the pigs, the pigs who can't see
And who can't really live, because they live for themselves and live for the dead.
And the Fates are confused,
And God's tears are falling on our streets, what's become of our Paradise?
Nature's dying, we shot her with a gun, a gun that's killing us
And killing our brothers and sisters, a gun we don't control, a gun that controls us.
And the brothels are full, the cartels are rich, 1863 is over but they still live in chains, chains of oppression, chains of the mind.
And people line the streets, ants line the streets, dogs line the streets covered in filth, the filth of generations covers the cities, America where did your heart go?
Our beauty was destroyed, culture flung out for the thousand joys and pleasures that make us forget why we're here.


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