The Country Full of Hate

Whoever came up with the name America the Great, I would like to ask you what makes it so great?

The fact that it’s full of hate?

The fact that no matter the place, I still feel displaced? That I still feel no matter the expression on my face, they’re still going to judge me because of my race? That no matter how far we run, we can never win the race because we always have a gun pointed in our face?

But let’s not talk only about race.

Let’s talk about greed.

It’s like there’s constant need for more, turning our backs to the begging hands knocking at our door.

Let’s touch on the number of people that can’t read and write.

It seems like everything America does is automatically right and the only time they see us is when they need us to fight.

Let’s address this false unity they see in our communities.

In my opinion, they don’t really see unities, they just see opportunities out of our communities.

Let’s discuss injustice.

We fail to see the system is corrupted, and we’re their favorite puppets.

Let’s even touch of lack of determination, confidence and self-esteem.

It seems like it doesn’t matter how hard you work toward your dream, you still have born to the right bloodstream. No wonder why we lack these three things.

So the next time I hear someone say America the Great, I will correct them and say you mean the country full of hate?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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