"America the Great" Once Again

“Oh say! can you see

By the dawn’s early light.”

A land of inequities,

And people cowering in fright.

Masses of refugees

Come home to this sight.

The land of the free?

More like the nation of plight.


“And the rocket’s red glare…”

Our bombs bursting in their air.

Death should not be ours to share,

And yet our government has no care.

We want to end terrorism,

Yet that is who we now are.

This is not activism,

This is how low we have set the bar.


“‘Tis the star-spangled banner!”

The flag for those who cheat.

We’re viewed with a manner

Of lies, destruction, and deceit.

To bring home our people

To a home we’ve plowed.

A flag that waves

Is a broken vow.


“In full glory reflected

Now shines in the stream.”

A people we were connected,

It’s all just a broken dream.

A nightmare, so dissected,

Details picked clean.

Glory, what glory? It’s a lack of dignity;

It’s all just a political scheme.


“Oh, thus be it ever,

When freemen shall stand.”

We are a force in our country,

Now is the time you take my hand.

Stand together,

Sisters and brothers.

Take back our home,

And reclaim the land.


“Then conquer we must,

When our case it is just.”

Conquer with peace,

Our patriotism a gust

Of wind in the sails

Of everlasting need

To make our country a home once more,

Love to everyone shall be our creed.


A nation that is hurting,

As the flag hangs frayed.

We shall rise, and with us,

The dawn of a new day.

No more shall we be skirting

The topic we’ve stowed.

Save our people, save the land,

Be home. No more shall we stand.


Slogans of promises

That we no longer rely.

It’s up to us now,

Let our limits go beyond the sky.

This is our nation, this is our flag,

Let us rise from the ground and begin.

We are the generation

To make it “America the Great,” once again.

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My country
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