America the Fake?

Mon, 02/27/2017 - 11:44 -- briya_


United States

No jobs , No will What can be done

More school less money it’s all gone

This great country is dieing ,oh and all for what

They say be patient, they say its better

But for what the bless-id futures that are all too far

Healthcare, insurance, gas Oh I have no money for that

This is a never ending perilous fight in which we all slowly die


To provide for the ones you love you must strive beyond

They say in God we trust but money is all we know

The land in which I come from has little to offer if not none

Oh how long must I wait ,

I’m going into the real world

Fearful of the disappearing money

Angry at 3 in the morning for all my school studies

Left in a hopeless despair to fight against time, and time again


I'm a Millennial , Born in 2000

Millennials are either the best , or worst thing to come

But is the world ready for what we bring

Hope, passion and a fierce fire to fight for what's right

Can the country handle us ?

Because so far it can’t


Our flag may be there but this country is gone

If we don’t fix the broken pieces

It will never mend

Tape is temporary glue is better but a new one may be the best bet

But who will listen to a 17 year old Mississippian girl?


This poem is about: 
My country


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