America, oh America

Sat, 02/11/2017 - 18:11 -- Jazzy99

Jazmine, I hope you remember to open this time capsule

To read this poem, and tell me if our country is still a haggle

To live in because of its unfair system

The country where you get dirty looks for being a victim.


America, land of the free

America, home of the great          

America, the place where we can feel safe            

America, oh America, how magnificent you are,

With your big stars and your fancy cars

The place where all men are created equal.


Except for you standing over there.

Yes, you, with the long, silky hair.

You will not get as much money as man,

But that’s okay; at least you’re not tan.

If you were tan you would get even less

If you were darker you would have to watch your back,

Afraid of the cops who have the power to arrest.


We live in a country where wearing a short dress

Is the equivalent to asking for sex

Where only three percent of rape cases are successful

The statement above makes me feel stressful

And scared, don’t forget scared

Scared because I’m not prepared

To live in this nation on my own.


America, oh America, how magnificent you are

With your prejudiced ways that leave unattended scars

I hope you survived

Without being completely deprived.

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My community
My country
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