The land of a lie

America? Known as a nation reborn,

Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes.

We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on,

There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.


Our leader, the president,who claimed he was for one another,

What happened to our peace and ability to share our beliefs?

We plead for our rights and acceptance,

Even in times where people are against us.


Our emotions dont mean anything,

After protesting day and night to end that one thing.

The same song we sing that include the land of the free and the home of the brave,

It sounds as if we are locked away in chains.


Through proverty and stress,

How can we end this to help our people?

We should speak not with our mouths but with our minds,

We keep our faith for a change to appear in a nick of time.


Through outrage and abuse, 

people began to think its no use.

America where do we stand?

We're suppose to lead as an example towards them.


To visualize what they cannot see,

Allows our history to continue to repeat.

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My family
My community
My country
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