Tue, 11/04/2014 - 16:04 -- Ci Mone

I burned the American Flag. 


I burned the American Flag and I recorded it on video. 

I thought I should add a little flame to the fire when I say FUCK America!

From the Moment I was concieved inside of my mothers womb America has been Screwing me like a $2 hoe. 

And what could I do about it?

I was born to a Beautiful Mullato and a Black convict

neither knowing a thing of where there heritage lies

Abrubtly dropping the weight of the world on my shoulders forcing me to read in between the lines 

of the overspill of propaganda fed to the black community.

I was ashamed of who I was. If I even knew who I was at all. 

I learned the hard way America would hate to see a nigga rise, but will dance in victory when he falls. 

I learned America is a federal corporation and we are its comadity

I can tell my ancestors nothing changed because I'm still 3/5 somebody. 

Freedom never came they just put us in longer chains

Where still praying in Jesus name, and we look at it as a game. 

Brother are being "lawfully" killed our sistahs are being kidnapped and raped and the youth..

Slowly falling in the the dark pit of "hype". 

We are at war with ourselves, and we look at it like everything is all right. 

I step outside of my home and stare death in the eyes. 

cold, dark, and profound.

It's breath stunk of genocide. 

The land of the free The home of the braves

ha! More so the land of the thieves and home of the snakes. 

 I devoted the first 3 years of my highschool life to the U.S Military.

I just new I was going to become a U.S Marine 

Frontline fighting for MY country. 

little did I know MY country couldn't give a FUCK about me. or the condition im in.

At the end of the day no matter what my status is my black skin will always be a sin !!

Ask a nigga what Juneteenth is

they'll look at you as if you spoke in a foreign parlance 

But ask a nigga 

What is the fourth of July? And they'll say

The day we gained our independence. 

We. Well NIGGA we didn't gain a thing but bloody fingers for hours  of cotton picking. 

Tired arched backs and aching necks, sweat and tears running down our faces begging GOD 

Please let this be done GODS ise is tired.  

Ise tired of massa being my source of dependence. weez just wont freedom. 

I burned the American flag

I'm angry at MY people. More patriotic in the country that fucked you over then the country that birthed you . 

The stolkolm Syndrome  is a hell of a disease and the truth doesn't matter is it does not apply to you. 


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