The Amerikkkan Way

We saw Eric Garner get killed by the police

We saw Trayvon Martin on the news as a kid gunned down for wearing his skin

We saw Aiyana Stanley-Jones get shot during a raid 

We saw Mike Brown get gunned down

We saw Oscar Grant take a bullet to the back 

We saw Laquan McDonald take 16 shots

We saw so many people wrongly killed 


We ain’t ever see no justice

We ain’t ever see no cops standing with us

It’s just us 

We ain’t never see no apology even though it don’t mean shit cause it won’t resurrect our lost ones

We ain’t ever see these cops react with training always fear 

We stopped seeing cops as someone we can stand near 

We saw badges stained with blood 

We saw our streets flood with bodies 

We saw the judges slam that hammer down 

“No sentence” 

We saw cops drop even more bodies 

They relentless

We are a lot of things 

We are the people, we are the power 

But we ain’t fucking around

We’ll tear the whole system to the ground!

Man look at me now! 

I’m shook because I can be mistaken for a crook 

A menace to society 

Don’t lie to me 

I’ll get gunned down quick 

And simply become a statistic 

Laying on the floor with holes in my body like the ozone

My body turning cold like I’m Frozone 

You saw my family on the news 

Demanding justice 

You saw the case continue for a year before the cop shed a tear to cheer with his family 

He ain’t indicted 

He’s excited 

You try to fight it

You saw protest in the streets in my name 

You saw tweets talking bout I’m the one to blame 

You were all thinking the same thing 

Am I next? 

You all wondered if people would march if you were wrongly killed 

You wondered what picture would be on the news 

But one thing stopped those thoughts 


I won’t get gunned down cause I’m Hispanic 

And my niggas won’t get gunned down for being black 

You won’t be forced to put your hands behind your back 

Because you were walking home at the wrong time

And we won’t lose to the justice system! 

We will be united no longer divided cops indicted we decided not to be misguided or one-sided 

We ain’t gonna be Childish Like Gambino 

We gonna Stay Woke 

Cause niggas creepin 

Throw you in the deep end 

With a brick tied to ya ankle 

Send you to the sunken place

And blame it on gang violence 

And blame it on “Black on Black” Crime

They won’t take a second to explore your mind 

They’ll frame you and take your picture to frame it up in their office with the other “criminals”

Put that picture on the news and the message ain’t subliminal 


Its a symbol that we stuck in the crosshairs 

They won’t hesitate to let off a gunshot

The guns hot while they standing over you 

“Yeah we got another one” 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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