America the Beautiful

“America the Beautiful"

Many a times I have heard

But beauty is subjective

Beautiful to thy neighbor

But to me, empty words

“America the Great”

I have heard time and time again

Above average to some, yes

But to me, satisfactory at best

Once upon a torch            

Raised gloriously tall

Breathed hungry souls

Risking it all

And while some made it passed the golden gates of Heaven

Others entered and found a new sort of Hell

Full of discrimination and stories only wounds can tell

Assimilation is difficult when minds are sealed tight

Legal or not, we all deserve human rights

Imagine thirsting for freedom

Only to discover one is incarcerated

Chained to preconceived notions of boarders

Hearts barricaded

We must practice empathy if we truly wish to be beautiful

Tear down walls, like Winston Churchill

Because if freedom is defined as without hindrance

Why do build walls of ignorance?

Take a long hard look in the mirror

And recognize this beauty is only skin deep

America the beautiful, but only if you are free 

This poem is about: 
My country


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