bbq and Budlight


death and drugs and dogs with diamond collars 

elevators and escalators


gallons upon gallons of wine 

hours spent earning funds to purchase useless items as a means to express social status

iiPhones and iPods and iPads

jabbering, ranting, raving


 long summer nights spent under the moonlight with rum and sun-tanned legs that run amock the oceanside and then make their way to the more urban part of town where their owners spend petty cash on cheap wine and cigarettes and then aimlessly drift around the town while their mental patterns shift in regards to the amount of alcohol consumed and also in perfect correlation to the marijuana smoked and the shift of conversation about miscellaneous subjects involving the presidential campaign, and the future and people and other various topics that will be long forgotten by the time of sunrise  

mindless gibberish leaking out of the mouths of advertisers

no limit to what they will feed you at mcdonald’s

oprah and the oscars and offices

power, dogs, men, mean women, doctors, prayer, love, war

quest for the dream

rich celebrities that nobody really cares to hear about 


tricky statistics that are technically valid

ungrateful bastards that want and want and want 


women who claim to be feminists and are actually hypocrites who belonging in kitchens

x-rated films

yuppies in suits who fret about dinner reservations



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